3180 S (PACKING) C03173A 2080
3180 S (DYNAMIC SEAL) C03200A 2080D
3180 S (MECH. SEAL) C03310A 2080M
3180 M (PACKING) C03174A 2081
3180 M (MECH. SEAL) C03311A 2081M
3180 M (DYNAMIC SEAL) C03201A 2081D
3180 L (PACKING) C03231A 2082
3180 L (DYNAMIC SEAL) C03202A 2082D
3180 L (MECH. SEAL) C03312A 2082M
3180 XL (PACKING) C03241A 2083
3180 XL (DYNAMIC SEAL) C03203A 2083D-1
3180 XL (MECH SEAL) C03313A 2083M-1

*All parts are After-Market.  Any use of OEM names, Trademarks, model and part numbers is for reference purposes only.