Description Unico Part# OEM part#
Mk3 Gp2 sleeve type (new style) 4073 2Y105S
MK3 GP2 Sleeve type (1.5 drive) 4073L 2Y105SL
Mk3 Gp2 solid (new style) 4073S 2Y105
MK3 GP2 solid (1.5 drive, new style) 4073SL 2Y105L
Mk2 Gp2 sleeve type (old style) 4070 CY32768A (2Z105S)
Mk2 Gp2 solid (old style) 4070S CY21361BA (2Z105)
MK2,MK3 GP3 Sleeve type 4074 CY50439A
MK2,MK3 GP3 Solid 4074S CY50435A
Mk2 Gp2 In-line solid 4075SV BY39497C (2V105)
Mk2 Gp2 In-line sleeve type 4075V BY39584A (2V105S)
Mk2 Gp1 sleeve type 4071 BY27268A (1Z105S)
Mk2 Gp1 solid 4071S BY21749C (1Z105)
Mk2 Gp1 in-line sleeve type 4079 BY40021A
Mk3 Gp1 sleeve type 4072 CY50687A (1K105S)
MK3 Gp1 solid 4072S CY50685A (1K105)
1J shaft solid 4078S 1J105
1J sleeve type shaft 4078 1J105S

*All parts are After-Market.  Any use of OEM names, Trademarks, model and part numbers is for reference purposes only.